A Day in the Life with KidSkillz

As an aspiring artist, learning how to balance a busy work schedule can be difficult at times.

October 23, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @kidskillz

However, for upcoming musician KidSkillz, hard work is a virtue that can definitely be appreciated.

When asked what obstacles he faces as a new talent act, KidSkillz stated the following…

“Learning how to balance my old life with this new one. The scheduling of everything can get crazy at times”, admits KidSkillz.

In addition, he also explains the importance of fully being invested in your music career. The entertainment industry is quite expensive. Therefore, recklessly spending money on sound equipment and other such acts as a hobby can lead to a major disappointment.

“I have about 40-50 unreleased songs as of right now. However, I’m more focused on releasing more proficient content than dropping lack-luster tracks", states KidSkillz.

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