A New Music Launch with G4E Grizzy

Detroit based artist G4E Grizzy is preparing for his upcoming album release, Y.N.F.U.M.S.

August 15, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: g4e_grizzy

“My second album Y.N.F.U.M.S. was recently released on Friday, July 30th. I’m quite excited for my fanbase to listen to this new body work and discover their reactions”, states G4E Grizzy.

In addition, G4E Grizzy elaborates on his love for Miami and how some of his biggest inspirations come from the Sunshine State (Florida).

“Miami is home to many mainstream entertainers…that fact alone is breathtaking. As an artist myself, I want to constantly perfect my craft so one day I can be on that pedestal”, explains G4E Grizzy.

Likewise, he explains his aspirations for the future. “It would be dope to have a whole bunch of Miami artists on a collective album…since that’s something that does not happen as frequently as it should”, says G4E Grizzy.

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