A Romantic Fall Relaxation with Autumn Phil

Autumn Phil’s February 14 is a serenade for those that are intertwined with their soulmates. In other words, it is an imaginary epiphany that engulfs the concept of an obsession with love.

March 22, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade

Correspondingly, February 14 is a rendition of many tunes that coerce the ideologies of affection towards a loved one. “I wanted this song to speak as a piece of my heart as a reflection of Valentine’s Day”, says upcoming artist Autumn Phil.

In addition, if you love 90s R&B then you will appreciate the artistic devotion that Phil involves within his love for music.

“Quality over quantity is an ideology that I like to follow whenever I release new music, I want people to stream my music ten years into the future and still be flabbergasted in regard to value,” says Phil.

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