A Short Stop at Jaddai’s Consciousness

For many artists, their deep consciousness is something that often gets overlooked due to a responsibility of being held politically correct at all times to maintain their reputation.

September 11, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @ijaddai

However, vagabond artist Jaddai discusses his fixed viewpoints in this brief interview. When asked about his meaning of faith, he stated the following:

“My life has changed dramatically throughout the last decade. I have found my faith in Christ. In the dark times when I don’t know what’s coming next for me, I put my trust in Jesus alone”, explains Jaddai.

Furthermore, due to Jaddai traveling a lot he ended up staying in the foster system for a short period of time.

“I was raised in Mississippi, Detroit then later on, Flint. I was in the foster care system for a while before I came to flint”, states Jaddai.

Overall, one of Jaddai’s biggest goals is to spread awareness for mental health through the gift of sound… music.

“I used to suffer from mental illness a lot. Now I take the same pain and put It into my music. The pandemic was rough for everyone, but it taught me to grow in everything. The pandemic was a process of healing for me”, confirms Jaddai.

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