An Open Dialogue with Malcolm Xavier

Malcolm Xavier, a high school dropout turned successful mixed-media artist, describes his passion for art in this latest interview.

November 12, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @malcolmxavier7

When asked what pursued him to become a painter, he stated the following…

“My passion for art came from childhood – my stutter was so bad that I couldn’t express my thoughts as a child. That’s why I turned to art. As I started to move my art into a business, I found that my home didn’t have fine art. So, I made it a goal to place art in as many homes as I can”, states Malcom Xavier.

Furthermore, for inspiration Malcolm specializes in art that can be seen as abstract or figuratively.

“Moving the culture by making art is a necessity not a luxury. As a mix media artist, it is always about the culture for me. The culture is my inspiration. I specialize in making art that are both figurative and abstract. If you want to move a culture, you have to express your ideas in a way that those who are most affected can understand, and those who can do something about the those ideas will notice”, proclaims Malcolm Xavier.

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