Behind the Scenes of Enemy with $ouL

Upcoming artist $ouL dropped his highly anticipated MV ‘Enemy’. Currently, the video has over 16.8k views on Youtube.

August 20, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: soulwiththedollarsign

“The track was written in 2018, It’s about a previous love interest/relationship. I had a very basic video concept leading up to the shoot. But it hit me last week to turn it into a movie”, states $ouL.

Throughout the short film, as a consumer you can feel the chills go down your spin as you can watch the male character stalking the female of interest. As this process continues, the anxiety continues to heighten.

“It [ the music video ] ended up turning into a horror-flick about domestic violence and obsession. The song and video were somewhat lightyears apart but correlated together in an exciting manner”, explains $ouL.

The Baltimore artist also jokes about how the fictional character that he represents in the MV is something to be taken as of light and only figuratively.

“One thing I want my fans to know about Enemy is that I’m not a stalker or abuser, it’s simply all just for the music video. Make sure to choose your romantic partners wisely”, says $ouL.

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