Black Excellence within Multipotentialites

As a self-made entrepreneur, Jakobe Hopkins is dominating his world one day at a time. Currently, Jakobe works within the real-estate, mortuary, and consultation industries.

February 24, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade

Mr. Hopkins is attempting to set an example for other millennials to follow their dreams regardless of the dreadful obstacles that they may face.

“All of my hard work has been from long sleepless nights, prayer, and dedication. I was able to start a six-figure business by consistency and never looking back. None of this would be possible at the age of 19 without support from my family and friends”, says Hopkins.

Correspondingly, as the second week of black history month comes to a close it is imperative that we support our youth through their passions. Nurturing the ambition of a child can lead to a fruitful harvest in the future.

In the same manner, emotional support cannot coexistent without physical assistance. No idea should be considered idiotic without an attempt.

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