“Bussin” with Laady J

Often times to escape reality, Jaaziah would hide in her closet rapping over instrumentals for Instagram. After receiving great amounts of flattering remarks she realized that her talents should not go unheeded.

November 21, 2020 by Alexandria Anglade

Jaaziah Smith, or Laady J, is a rap artist from Livingston, New Jersey that was raised in Newark.

As she is currently twenty-two, throughout the years she has progressed her lyricism through using social media as her pen and paper.

As the daughter of Trigga Gambler, she recently dropped another music video called “Bussin”. Furthermore, the duration of the video has a Lyrical Lemonade type essence. Laady J’s newest MV is sexually stimulating, breath-taking, and aesthetically pleasing.

Although Bussin, dropped via Youtube on Sep 21, 2020, she released the MV as part of her “Raage” EP. The EP consisted of tracks such as: Tripple Threa, Coron, Hore’s, Mortal Combat, Puncheon, Juice and Metro. Overall, the total was seven songs and fifteen minutes.

In Laady J’s past music videos, we can see a reoccurring pattern of an abstract-like acid trip. As you enter her threshold, it is possible to imagine the irregularities that we constantly see daily throughout life.

As the future progresses, the possibilities are endless with such a creative imagination. However, that is what most of us may expect as many female artists are constantly rising. It would be lovely to possibly see a female all-star artist league with Laady J as the top contender!

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