Childhood memories of Tory Lanez with 400LaudyDaudy

South Florida artist 400LaudyDaudy also known as Rahsean Bernardez was raised in Broward County.

August 7, 2021 by Mateo Sanders
Instagram: @400laudydaudy

In the sixth grade he came across the infamous musician Tory Lanez. Together they were both well known throughout their school for causing crazy mayhem.

“I have much love for bro... we started to find various similarities within ourselves.”

I genuinely have a deep appreciation for his recent projects. He is a phantom menace within his lyrical content”, states 400LaudyDaudy.

In the same breath, 400LaudyDaudy sees himself inspiring the rap industry with his music. “ I cracked the code and plan on finalizing my chess piece in the industry. I’m not leaving once my foot is in the door...that’s a forbidden promise”, confirms 400LaudyDaudy.

Likewise, Laudy is planning to resurface by the end of summer. His latest single “Black Thor feat. NappyD” is just the start for him. Each release to come is just an appetizer.

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