Clarity through the Dust

Jameia Marcella Foster, or Milly Exclusiv is a Pennsylvania based artist that is using adolescence as a tool for growth.

January 7, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade

As an era of constant comparison due to obsessions of social media, the concept of F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) has possibly led to unrealistic expectations in regards to social dynamics.

As someone who is constantly networking 24/7, F.O.M.O. is something that many people in the entertainment industry suffer from.

“Financial illiteracy is not an issue unique to any one population. It affects everyone: men and women, young and old, across all racial and socioeconomic lines. No longer can we stand by and ignore this problem. The economic future of the United States depends on it (President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy).”

Correspondingly, the embrace off social should have caution. In other words, be weary of how your emotions can be perceived through comparisons by peers.

We all face tribulations that can be diluted by practicing positive affirmations.

Overall, the cure to lack of knowledge is intellect. In addition, learning from your elders’ experiences can also be beneficial for future financial adventures.

Listen to Milly Exclusiv new album "Socially Distanced"

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