Discussing Homelessness with Kiani Alexandra

Kiani Alexandra is an underground artist out of the lovely Bay Area of California. One of her biggest passions includes discussing poverty and homelessness.

May 22, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade

“A huge issue I’m so passionate about is the issue of poverty and homelessness. I ask myself why and how in the world are some people drowning in more money they could spend in a lifetime while others have no home at all. It makes me want to cry for people, seriously. At the minimum, everyone should have a place inside to sleep at night and food to eat daily”, says K.A.

Furthermore, California is facing a tremendous problem in regards to a lack of resources due to a housing crisis.

A new federal report shows California's homeless population increased by nearly 7% early last year to an estimated 161,548, months before the pandemic and subsequent economic crisis spread across the state, states CapStudio.

One of the many solutions to this crisis can be creating a “rapid rehousing and homelessness prevention program”. Some key components are: FIND housing – help people quickly find housing. PAY for housing – help people pay for housing short term. STAY in housing – help access services so people can stay in housing.

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