Emotional development with Shxmmy Hndrxx

In music, specific emotions can be used to describe an array of feelings. These thoughts are connected to creativity within music.

August 19, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: shxmmyhndrxx

“As an artist myself, I use my mood as a way to determine how I want my lyrics to flow on a track… whether it’s lo-fi or an energetic beat, the possibilities are endless”, explains aspiring artist Shxmmy Hndrxx.

Moreover, Shxmmy Hndrxx also describes how online music distribution companies such as Soundcloud and Spotify encourage musicians to release files of music that may receive unorthodox reviews.

“Even though I have old files of music that some of my fans might not possibly want to hear, I currently have an EP out on Apple Music that has five tracks on it and two music videos on YouTube as well”, states Shxmmy Hndrxx.

“Some of my biggest inspirations in the past are of the likes of Kobe Bryant, Drake, Rio Da Yung Og, FCG Heem, and KUR”, says Shxmmy Hndrxx.

Furthermore, emotional development can only be attainable if there is equity within our educational systems as well.

The expression of music is something that many impoverished areas have used as a way to create success. However, a lack of social programs can lead to less stimulation in creativity within adolescents.

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