Finding an Identity Through Music with Saucto Pasto

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania artist Saucto Pasto explains how becoming a musician was a epiphany-moment in the making.

September 25, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @lilsauctopasto

“My mom suffered from drug abuse growing up, I had a lack of role models in my life. Music was one avenue that I could always turn to whenever I felt like life would hit me with invisible boulders”, states Saucto.

Although his stage name is something out of the ordinary, Saucto’s desire to become a main-stream musician deserves all the online support that he can get.

“Green Day, Paramore, Young Thug, and Michael Jackson are a couple of artists that make up influences of my musical and chemical balance”, explains Saucto.

In conclusion, our past does not determine the present and that is exactly what Saucto Pasto stands for.

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