From Church Choir to Artist, Meet Treva Holmes

As an artist from Roxbury, Treva Holmes’ earliest memories of his childhood contain images of him playing basketball and football while also attending choir practice.

September 15, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @trevaholmes

“Being from Roxbury I was a basketball and football player while growing up in church while living in the projects. Singing in the choir allowed me to keep safe from the streets”, claims Treva.

Furthermore, the aspiring musician discusses in further detail how having a relationship with God allowed him to view life in three different lenses outside of his daily activities.

“I saw many of my friends play ball then switch over to gang banging which was something that my parents wanted me to avoid overall. There was a point in my life where I even sang at the funerals of my deceased friends…a complete wake up call for me”, explains Treva Holmes.

Now, Treva is working on new features from a variety of artists around the nation and attempting to keep fresh sounds in order to entertain his audience.

“I’m currently working on a lot of features right now with various artists. Some of these talented musicians are from the likes of Cali, Vegas, Miami, and even NYC. I put out three projects within the last year. Right now, I’m constantly looking for new sounds so I can express myself”, states Treva.

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