Fuego Blacc Drops His Highly Anticipated Single "Blue Hunnid"

Fuego Blacc is an upcoming songwriter out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Some of his biggest influences throughout his childhood were: Young Jeezy, Future, Migos, T.I., and Jay-Z. Outside of songwriting, Fuego is an inspiring hip-hop and rap artist.

November 27, 2020 by Alexandria Anglade

As the years went by, his love for music never evaporated. As a result of getting caught up in life (like most of us), FB’s music career would constantly be on and off. As of 2020, he’s back and ready to make some noise!

I’ve been practicing for years…for the right delivery and sound. A lot of people create music but sometimes they’re voice just doesn’t fit. A lot of songwriting takes years of practice. I like to paint a picture for anyone who’s listening to my music for them to really get a follow of my audible articulation in regards to my craft.

Fuego Blacc dropped his high anticipated single, Blue Hunnid. The North Carolina native opens his verse with a melodramatic emotion. Furthermore, the essence of the track is a hype song that you and the homies could listen to while driving on the freeway.

Most of us want to achieve financial stability, and that’s exactly the manifestation that you can except from Fuego. His catchy lyrism surely won’t miss anyone’s attention!

Furthermore, Blue Hunnid, appeals especially to the gen-z crowd. As a zoomer myself, I’ll definitely make sure to play this in the car the next time the homies pass me the aux.

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