G-Flav and Faith Through Music

Throughout the entertainment industry, many mainstream artists cling to their religion and use it as a way to express their sorrows and emotions through the language of music.

August 13, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: gflav_levicity

“For me, music is my faith and I believe that my purpose on this earth is to assist those that are lost and help them find meaning within this thing we call life'' claims G-Flav.

In the same manner, G-Flav discusses what he has been working on within the last five years.

“I released this one project titled Welcome to Levi City, which is available on all platforms. I’m currently working on some new heat, so stay tuned”, states the artist.

When asked about retirement, G-Flav said the following;

“You can only retire from a job. Since music is a passion, that rule does not apply to me”.

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