Discussing Homelessness while Pregnant with KARAMELRICANNXX

KARAMELRICANNXX, a musician from Washington D.C., discusses creating programs within her community for displaced pregnant women.

September 10, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @karamelricannxx

According to Housing Matters (an Urban Institute), “Women who entered shelter during or shortly after pregnancy had higher rates of alcohol, opioid, and nonopioid drug use disorders; adjustment, anxiety, and depressive disorders; injuries due to external causes; and complications during pregnancy and birth compared with pregnant women who did not use shelter.”

“It’s unfortunate that homelessness exists. However, I could never imagine pregnant women that are unable to live with a roof over their head and provide a future for kin” states upcoming rap artist KARAMELRICANNXX.

In the same manner, many forget about such a tender demographic that often gets neglected due to conflicting viewpoints at times.

“As an artist, I feel as if it’s part of my duty to be a voice for those that cannot. Especially when it comes to niche topics such as these”, explains KARAMELRICANNXX.

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