How Icycracy Corresponds his Music with Therapy

Icycracy, also known as Michael James Calabro, is an artist from Passiac County, New Jersey.

November 17, 2020 by Alexandria Anglade

As a child, he dreamed about helping society through psychological communication. One of his main goals once he becomes an established artist is to communicate with others through music therapy.

His discography contains songs such as: Bad vibes, April 23, and This World. Furthermore, Icy has over fifty unreleased tracks. One of his biggest stimulations is the number Twenty-Eight. Likewise, numerology and astrology are significant influences in Michael’s life in regard to self realization and grounding techniques for positive manifestation.

At age eighteen, Calabro has achieved recognition from many multi-platinum producers. He recently dropped a single in November with 2x Gold Producer and #1 Billboard 200 Producer, “StolenCable”. His latest single, Second Thoughts, is a definite hit.

Second Thoughts is a track for those struggling to find a loyal companion. Icy’s focus as an artist is to communicate controversial subjects through sound. There are no limits for this young legend! As he progresses, he plans on using albums as a visual source of therapy for those struggling with mental health.

Therapy was originally introduced into society by the Persian physician and psychologist, Rhazes. The main types of psychotherapy are; psychodynamic, cognitive behaviorial, cognitive analytical, interpersonal, and humanistic. Since the 9th century, therapy has healed thousands.

Music just so happens to be one prime example!

Listen to Second Thoughts on Vuulm.

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