How Social Media is Portrayed in Music with BBA Renzo

Throughout the years, the music industry has adapted as new technological advancements occur constantly. One aspect that has transformed drastically is social media.

August 5, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @bba_renzo

For some artists, this change has not distracted from their goals at all. “The way I see it, social media does not impact my ability to become a successful musician. There are so many components within the music industry that it is nearly impossible to fixate on one specific ideology”, states upcoming rapper BBA Renzo.

“Many aspiring artists struggle with streaming and forget that Nipsey Hussle once made $100,000 off a mixtape by selling them for $100 each. Although it is an outdated method, it still works in 2021”, explains BBA Renzo.

In the same manner, music comes in many shapes or forms. The only way to live your truth is to exist unapologetically.

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