Inside the Mind of Mykel T. Brooks

The musician Mykel T. Brooks discusses how moving frequently affected his childhood and created an affinity for music.

August 9, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @mykeltbrooks

“Originally, I was raised in Fort Pierce, FL. From the age of three to ten, I then moved to West Palm Beach with my mother for one year and Orlando twenty-four months later”, states the composer.

“For most of my teenage years, I was constantly getting into mischief. At sixteen, I moved in with my aunt Patricia. Subsequently, I stayed with my father as well”, explains Mykel.

Once the artist began to pursue a college education was when certain opportunities began to arise.

In the past, Mykel has worked with celebrities such as Asian Doll, Jacquees, Woah Vicky, and many more.

Currently, Mykel’s goal is to inspire others and motivate them through his deep passion for the music industry.

“Within the next five years I’d love to work within the real estate industry. A lot of artists forget to invest their money. Once you’re at the top you only really have 2-3 years to shine, after that passive income is a necessity to focus on”, confirms Mykel T. Brooks.

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