Introducing Ivan L's Clothing Line, "Dead Rappers Society"

The multi-faceted upcoming artist Ivan L has recently pursued a passion for fashion.

September 23, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @ivanlrhymeswell

In other words, Ivan has released his streetwear line “Dead Rappers Society”.

When asked what inspired his genius, Ivan stated the following…


“I’ve had a love for streetwear culture since I was a child. I just always fascinated with the seamless mash up of hip-hop and the skating world. As a 90s kid, I associated with both aspects”, states Ivan L.

Moreover, DRS is a brand that was birthed around 2011. It gave Ivan an opportunity to express himself in a manner outside of most norms within the entertainment industry.

As a creative, was inspired by other streetwear brands such as 10 Deep, Obey, Diamond Supply, and Pink Dolphin during his muse phase.

Although in the beginning, Ivan was unsure of where to start. Fast-forward, his ambition and dedication brought respect and love towards his clothing line for many fans located in South Florida.

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