Lil Gummy on the Korean Hip-Hop Industry

In Korea, western culture is displayed within their music through hip-hop.

September 8, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @lilgummmy

Furthermore, in this interview with Lil Gummy she explains her viewpoint on this specific topic.

As a Korean hip-hop artist Lil Gummy has pursued this genre without all the negativity that it attracts from those that attempt to fetishize Asian culture instead of appreciating it.

“Since I was very young, maybe around the age of seven, I’ve always been interested in Asian culture. As I got older and dove into the riches of Asian culture, I decided to really indulge myself. Around 2012 I took up martial arts classes (Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Kendo) and taught myself as much as I could of the Japanese language”, states Lil Gummy.

The public opinion of Korean Hip-Hop depends on differences in culture and morality.

“I feel as if certain shows try to display an outlook that doesn’t always best represent politically correctness. However, many cultures practice this. Only mainstream topics are those that are called out. Since there’s a difference between appreciation and fetishization it is difficult to tell at times who gets a pass and who doesn’t”, says Lil Gummy.

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