Litoothegreat Gears Up for His Latest Single “When I See You"

Approximately two weeks ago, upcoming artist Litoothegreat dropped his highly anticipated single “When I See You”.

October 22, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @litoothegreat_

Produced by Eternal Flame Productions, the upcoming artist currently has the MV at approximately 3k views.

As homage to the legendary American R&B singer Fantasia Monique Barrino, Litoothegreat wants his fanbase to know that this is only a slight taste of more nostalgic content to come.

“Me being a huge fan of the Fantasia record inspired me to come out with this single. I figured, let me put my own little twist to it with today’s style and vibe… I actually did a freestyle a couple years back on Facebook that somewhat went viral so my fans have been jokingly calling this a part two”, proclaims Litoothegreat.

When asked what his writing process consists of, Litoothegreat stated the following…

“I literally go in my car and listen to beats all day. Once I heard a beat that caught my ear, I began to freestyle and catch a flow. After a while, I’ll start writing”, confirms Litoothegreat.

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