Live in the Flesh with Chaka

Aspiring musician Chaka is set to release her next single “That’s My Attitude” ft. Bubba Jr.

October 21, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @Only_1Chaka

When asked what inspired Chaka to pursue a career as an artist, she stated the following…

“I’ve always had the love of music and performing deeply embedded in me as a child. Something that I’m also passionate about is the expansion and teachings about black history”, proclaims Chaka.

For many talent-acts, reaching over one million followers is an exciting feat! Although success is a ten-year grind, Chaka is prepared to face anything.

“A couple of concepts within the music industry that I’d love to execute are my dance, stage-performance, and writing skills. I want to be versatile with my content so I can impact others with my multi-faceted talents!”, states Chaka.

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