Living in Florida with 2-Fi

South Florida artist, 2-Fi describes some of his best childhood memories playing basketball.

September 22, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @2fi_official

“Due to the hard work and dedication that I put into basketball, I was offered an amazing opportunity. The ability to play a sport overseas raised my awareness and opened my naïve mindsight”, explains 2-Fi.

Fast forward, 2-Fi has now released over 19 songs including features. In addition, this includes 3 singles and (3) EP’s which have all been released within a year.

“One artist that I see myself working with in the future is Curren$y. I’ve always looked at him as an example of where I want to be in the rap game. Building my own brand and staying at the same time”, states 2-Fi.

Furthermore, Fi is set to release his next project for October of 2021.

“What I love most about Florida is the culture, South FL in particular due to the diversity in food and simple activities that are available for the public”, says 2-Fi.

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