Lyricism, Flow, and Heartbreak. A look at Louisville’s CHRIS CART3R

Lyricism, flow, meaning, and a heartfelt connection are all the necessities for this generation of rap, and CHRIS CART3R is one of the few upcoming artists able to check off all four.

December 18, 2021 by Xavvi

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Delving into the core of rap and including firsthand experience of heartbreak, CHRISCART3R is able to implement his story into a structurally sound project in the form of Heartless Released earlier this year in November, “H3ARTLESS” gives in introspective look into what raw emotion truly looks like. 



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“But back to me and you, you taking shots my heart ain’t bulletproof…” CHRIS CART3R brings his audience back to the earlier days of his music career, delivering a sound similar to his 2019 release “Money on my mind.” 

The clean visuals in his music video deliver the proper ambience for the bars he spits. Combining this with the story told between CHRIS CART3R and fellow artist Liu Khang, the Louisville rapper gives his fans a deep experience with this winter track. 

Closure was the concept behind this single with CHRISCART3R stating “all these feelings being built up and ignored, which usually feels like the easier thing to do, makes people heartless and I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling. Especially when the emotions catch up to you.” The depth of Heartless has given CHRIS CART3R the opportunity to work with Grammy nominated producer Mitch Mula on the next project, “H3ARTLESS (Remix).”

The talent in CHRISCART3R is obvious, which is why he landed his first premiere on EARMILK earlier this year with the video for his collaboration with GetItRogers, “Beach Front.” The young rapper is well on his way to success, reaching over ten thousand views on this collaboration and amounting almost five thousand streams on “H3ARTLESS” which was graciously shared by Wake Up Violet on YouTube.

New fans are coming and we couldn’t be more excited for what CHRIS CART3R releases next.

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