Maintaining a Healthy Work Ethic with P Dope

As of recent, upcoming talent act P Dope has been on a roll in terms of productivity with roll-outs.

October 1, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @dope_boy_p

I have a lot of work lined up right now. We are currently shooting multiple music videos. I have 2 mixtapes that I'm working as of now. I'm planning to drop one of the projects in the 4th quarter of 2021 titled "IKONS NEVER DIE". This is personally my favorite project to date”, confirms P Dope.

No matter what obstacles are faced, P Dope has managed to stay consistent throughout the pandemic with his amazing work ethic.

When asked how his No Jumper feature went, he stated the following…

“Shoutout to Adam22 and No Jumper… they showed big love to my track " Thank God ''. It’s always a great feeling to see my audience enjoy content that I create”, says P Dope.

Overall, P Dope wants his fanbase to know that authenticity is the method of representation that he wants his biggest supporters to live by,

“My brand is authentic because my brand is my real life. I'm transparent in my music and I never plan to ever change that. “My Shit Raw as Eddie Murphy in that purple leather...”, elaborates P Dope.

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