Meet J FENDI from NYC

Introducing the talented upcoming Harlem, NY artist, J FENDI.

September 27, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @jfendi__

“At the age of nineteen, I began to take my music career seriously. Up until then, creating a track was just a hobby for me”, states J FENDI.

When asked what was his biggest inspiration growing up FENDI stated the following…

“Inspiration can come to me at any time in my life. However, as an adolescent, Fabulous was a rapper that was absolutely everywhere in NYC”, explains J.

Although New York has a fast-paced environment, that did not stop J from expanding his dreams in the jungle of the city.

“Being raised in NYC was difficult at times to be quite honest. Only the strong make it out of this so-called-jungle”, proclaims FENDI.

In a joking manner, FENDI. explains what his biggest pet peeve is.

“My biggest pet peeve in the music industry is the fact that it’s easier for violent music to be promoted than singles with a positive message”, says FENDI.

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