Musical Integration and AI with Ay-Rock

Due to rises in technological advancements, the usage of AI has arose tremendously recently. As businesses have continued to shift online as a result of the pandemic, there is more of a need for offline tasks to be met.

May 12, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade

Furthermore, musical acts such as the Gorillas and Vocaloid for example are starting to become more common as creativity within the music industry begins to expand.

Most recently, the world’s first AI rapper FN Meeka went viral for his debut track, “Speed Demon”.

In 2004, Yamaha released a similar concept with a voice synthesizer called Vocaloid. Correspondingly, the upcoming artist Ashniko remixed her song Daisy with Hatsune Miku ( a member of Vocaloid).

“As an audio engineer, it’s breathtaking to see technology advance in a manner where a digital voice can now replace the new for a physical body to sing in a booth”, says Ay-Rock.

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