Performing through the Unknown with Savvy Melado

Savvy Melado is an upcoming recording artist/ actor out of Shelby, North Carolina.

September 2, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @savvymelado

Although many aspiring musicians have struggled to perform throughout the pandemic, that is definitely not an absolute for Savvy.

“I recently did a small performance at a pop-up thrift market in my home state. It felt great to be back since it’s been approximately almost two years from my last showcase”, states Savvy Melado.

In regards to inspiration, Lil Wayne is seen as a music mogul in Savvy’s eyes.

“My biggest inspiration would have to be Lil Wayne. He’s the reason all of this started. Growing up, I had loads of CD’s and MP3 players full of Lil Wayne’s songs”, explains Savvy Melado.

Overall, Savvy attempted to music professionally around 2018 as a way to fulfill his dreams and aspirations.

“I started taking music seriously in 2018. I was in a different situation at the time & music wasn't a priority, but I still had it. Then, some things ended up not going my way as planned and I instantly went to my music”, confirms Savvy Melado.

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