QC Drops Quavo x Take Off x Birdman “Big Stunna” Video

It was all good just a week ago at Quality Control (QC).
August 27, 2022 by Vuulm
Big Stunna Takeoff x Quavo

This week the bombshell that Offset isn’t on the label anymore and hasn’t been for two years was dropped on the world. This news would lead one to deduce that he must not be in The Migos anymore. It’s hard to be in a group if you're not signed to the label that your other group members are signed to. 

Offset had somethings to get off his chest. P, the CEO of QC responded. After a messy back and forth. Lil Baby retorted, “the show must go on.” With that said, Quavo and Take Off dropped a new record. The QC rappers have been establishing themselves as a duo, I guess,  without saying officially they are a duo, but as I suggested it looks kinda like the group is now a duo. 

The production sounds like something out of early Cash Money days. And there is unmistakably a motivation behind flow and lyrics of the last remaining Migos:

“I was sick before Corona, Ice cold like pneumonia”

Birdman, the retired rapper delivers a classic Birdman signature sounding verse. It’s honestly a really good verse. He didn’t mail it in, he showed up for Quavo and Takeoff. 

The last time we posted Quavo and Takeoff it was for the extravagant “Hotel Lobby” which has done very well for them. 

Quavo & Takeoff

Quavo & Takeoff

Hotel Lobby

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The song has already generated 26 million YouTube views on the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-inspired music video and 151 million streams worldwide and counting. Earning critical acclaim right out of the gate, Billboard proclaimed, ‘Hotel Lobby’ impresses with a natural camaraderie that the members demonstrated on their early mixtapes, as Takeoff handles the denser flow and Quavo gleefully punctuating every fifth word with another ad-lib.” Not to mention, the duo performed it as part of A COLORS SHOW, posting up 1.3 million Spotify streams and 3.3 million YouTube views on the video as the first in a series celebrating Black Music Month created in collaboration with Motown Records.

A lot is going on at QC, but the show must go on.