Self-expression and Confidence with Humble Rickyy

Humble Rickyy elaborates on how a lack of self-expression affected his childhood.

August 16, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: humblerickyy

“Growing up, I struggled deeply with communication and letting others know my emotions. Then I discovered music and found a way to express myself in a healthy manner”, states the artist.

In the same manner, Rickyy is currently attempting to find his niche in regards to exposure and marketing techniques as a musician.

“One thing that many upcoming artists take for granted that I’ve noticed is the importance of being patient with your brand and comprehending analytics”, explains Humble Rickyy.

Rickyy also confirms that in the future he would adore the opportunity to work with celebrities such as: Childish Gambino, Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, and Zaytoven.

“Since music has become a passion for me, it has showed me versions of myself that I did not know were accessible before…I have all of this due to a newfound confidence”, states Humble Rickyy.

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