The Adventures of Lil Ny

Lil Ny a.k.a., Ny5ived, is an upcoming artist out of one of the original thirteen colonies, Philadelphia.

August 31, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @ny5ived

When asked about her stage name, the following was stated…

“To be honest, Lil Ny comes from the fact that I’ve always been little and Ny is my nickname. Now NY5 is like Lil Ny 2.0. It’s the short version for “lilny215” which some used to call me due to my Instagram. NY5 represents a side that is the equivalent to enlightenment” explains Lil Ny.

Furthermore, in terms of future industries, Lil Ny has a desire to become an animator. Some famous animators are Walt Disney, Hayao Miyazaki, and John Lasseter. Typically, those that specialize in animation gross a salary of $37k-130k per year (Glassdoor).

“To make a buck, I want to be an animator. I loved cartoons for my whole entire life and to be able to create them and/ or turn myself into one has always been a dream of mine outside of the music”, states Lil Ny. In the near future Lil Ny would like to focus on advocating for her community more and spreading the gift of music with more of her peers.

“I actually would like to get more active with community service as I have been inactive due to restrictions from the pandemic. In the past I have assisted the homeless and volunteer work for churches”, says Lil Ny.

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