The Art of Videography with Exqlusive

Well-rounded videographer Exqlusive Techniques discusses FBG Duck’s impact on his career, working with Rooga on the GD Anthem, and much more in this latest interview.

October 11, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @exqlusive_techniques

When asked what inspired him to become a DP ( Director of Photography), Exqlusive stated the following…

“It started with the music… that was my first passion. Anything involving art, I was immediately drawn to it. Watching someone shoot my first video and executing the process intrigued me and everything went up from there”, states Exqlusive.

In addition, Exqlusive explains what it was like working with the late FBG Duck and rising artist Rooga.

“Rooga is someone that has always been around since I met Duck. It’s inspiring to me because their work ethic is phenomenal. Both of them are talented in their very own way” proclaims Exqlusive.

Moreover, he also goes into further detail as his passions are not limited to the entertainment industry and challenges that he faces daily.

“The biggest challenges that I would have to say are finding people who take their craft just as seriously as you do. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to produce industry-standard visuals. However, promotion at times often gets neglected”, explains Exqlusive.

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