The Aspirations of MK Virgo

MK Virgo, an upcoming artist out of Oakland (California) discusses his influences, aspirations, and much more within the music industry.

August 24, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @mkvirgo

“Some of my biggest idols are actually deceased; Jimi Hendrix , Michael Jackson, Prince, etc.” explains MK Virgo.

When asked how did he attain his stage name, MK stated the following: “Basically, I birthed this band back in high school that was called the Morning After District. It was a fusion of pop-punk and blues.”

“Due to my heavy involvement with the band (I was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist) I felt propelled to call myself the M.A.D. King. Correspondingly, which led me to add Virgo to it in the nearby future due to my zodiac sign”, states MK Virgo

Although the band formed around the end of his high school years, MK still has a strong affinity for music present-day.

“In the next 5 years I see myself finished with school, owning at least one property, maybe some land, and my bank account flourishing. I’m already taking steps to do this and accomplish most of that within the next year. Money is important when following your dreams and it allows me to give back to the communities and family that helped raise me”, states MK Virgo.

As a multi-faceted musician that he is, I’m sure that we will see more of MK’s immense talent in the near future.

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