The Diary of Sasha Beng

In life, there can be many wonders and ideologies that contain metaphors to countless questions. Rising artist Sasha Beng discusses her journey and much more in this latest interview.

October 15, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @sashabeng

“I think it’s important that public figures continue to discuss climate change as many of our natural and renewable resources are at risk if we as a society do not take the necessary requirements to change the inevitable”, states Sasha.

The Lake Worth musician also describes her unique genre of sound that is behind singles such as Sinful Pixie, Joke’s On You, etc.

“Currently I’m working on a new MV for a single titled Miss Me. If I could explain to a new fan what inspired my music I would definitely say hip-hop, rap, and pop”, explains Sasha Beng.

“Pain, suffering, beauty, and nature are elements that I use within my writing to tell a story. Without these aspects, the feeling of euphoria would cease to exist”, proclaims Sasha.

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