The Discussion of Emsee’s MV “Level Up” and More

On June 15, Houston artist Emsee released his latest MV “Level Up”. In this recent interview, he discusses the inspiration behind the theatrical release.

September 17, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @emsee98

“Level Up was inspired by an urge to construct a story in a limited amount of time. In this culture with everyone moving so fast, I challenged myself telling a story as directly and efficiently as I could”, explains Emsee.

In the same manner, the upcoming artist also wants his audience to know the following cinematic elements that took place to create such a masterpiece.

“Matt Rush is a fantastic videographer who helped tremendously throughout the video process. His input helped amplify the song’s central ideas of pride, betrayal, and egoism”, states Emsee. As a fun fact; a decent portion of the film took place in a mysterious hotel.

“The filming process took a whole day in an old hotel. I was kind of nervous someone would call the cops because when we wrapped up filming, I walked out the motel room with a blood splat shirt and a bottle of 1942 (Haha)”, confirms Emsee.

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