The Influence of Hip-Hop with BFM Cooley

During the 1970s a new genre of music was birthed known as Hip-Hop. Today, hundreds of artists have been inspired by this mainstream genre and are actively pursing a career in this specific field.

February 16, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade

Recently, South Florida native BFM Cooley dropped his latest MV “Down to Ride”. The music video features an ensemble of females empowering themselves with weaponry as an aesthetic.

The conceptualization of the video discusses the concept of loyalty throughout hardships within communities. As years have progressed, many artists have begun to use character tropes in their visual pieces to demonstrate a story.

Artists such as BFM Cooley, for example have used their culture upbringing and childhood as a way to influence their communities with music. “Growing up I had influences in my life that contributed to my artistic value and how I wanted my peers to identify with my craft, says Cooley.

Music within the black community has been used as a form of therapeutic medicine to heal through daily complications. In addition, specific vibrations can also be used to communicate through trauma as well.

Furthermore, Down to Ride is an aesthetically pleasing MV that showcases a story by BFM Cooley. Overall, you will definitely be on the edge of your seat filled with suspense in enjoyment with this MV.

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