The Insightfulness of Legendary with Quadd21

Upcoming R&B/Trap artist Quadd21 is set to release his latest project “LEGENDARY” this summer. Some of the highlights from this album showcases the trials and tribulations of growing pains.

July 4, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @quadd21

“The classic struggles of adolescence and adapting to adulthood are what inspired LEGENDARY… I wanted this piece of artwork to demonstrate a piece of myself that I have recently come to terms with”, says Quadd21.

Currently 23, one of Quadd’s past projects was “LeoTalk”. Some similarities that you can see between both pieces of work are the story telling devices that are used within the musical tracks.

In total, there will be over eleven tracks on LEGENDARY. The release is set to be either in the middle of August or early September.

Stay tuned!

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