The Inspiration Behind Cyn Chey

Born and raised in Miami, Fl Skyn by Cyn was inspired by a “homemade diy skincare routine in high school”

October 16, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @cynchey_

“After I assisted one of my peers with clearing their skin, an epiphany came to me in regard to launching my business”, states Cyn.

Furthermore, the artist also explains her passions for musical content and much more. In terms of meaning and describing her sound to new fans.

“My music is a direct reflection of my emotions. Correspondingly, my lyrics are both literal and metaphorical. It is for audiences of all ages'', explains Cyn Chey.

Overall, within the next five years Cyn sees herself comprising a successful business enterprise while balancing the life of a musician.

“The aspirations that I am looking forward to within these next several years are to maintain a wealthy brand, starting a family, and becoming a household name as an artist”, proclaims Cyn.

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