The Introspection of Superficiality

As social media was originally introduced to us in the early 2000s, our daily habits have changed tremendously. Young adults have become obsessed with the superficiality of living a luxurious lifestyle.

December 14, 2020 by Alexandria Anglade

Although social media has allowed us to reunite with distant family relates, artist Aleo wants to open up a new perspective with his music and creative process.

“Music is my way to express how I feel internally. I’m a very intelligent guy so at lot happens in my mind. I process situations quickly, which helps me make my decisions without much hesitation. If I’m thinking about a topic deeply, then I write about it (Aleo).”

Furthermore, as the new year approaches, let us develop positive habits and practice mindfulness and meditation.

Regardless of what the future may hold, manifestation is key.

Always about music

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