The Lazy Couch Podcast with Yung Jelly

Local Broward County artist Yung Jelly goes into a deep oceanic dive as to what inspired his podcast, the Lazy Couch.

October 15, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @yungjelly.954

“Watching Adam22 grow on No Jumper and create content from the comfort of his home inspired me to chase my dreams”, states Yung Jelly.

During the revival of the underground music industry within South Florida, independence through creative aspects launched.

Therefore, the launch of many independent podcasts and YouTube channels arose.

“It’s interesting, nonetheless, to see a wave of intellectual spark from conversations that can be simply had with friends or family… that’s what the focus of my podcast is really about”, proclaims Jelly.

Correspondingly, social-networking platforms such as Discord, for example, allow content creators to connect with their fans in a more intimate setting of communication.

“Within the last five years, online entrepreneurship has become more of an acceptable form of income for aspiring makeshift bosses, and that’s great”, explains Yung Jelly.

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