The Magic Behind Producing with Eben Elite

Aspiring Memphis producer Eben Elite describes his experiences with producing in this latest interview.

October 22, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram @ebenelite

When asked what inspired him to take an interest in production Eben stated the following…

“Well, since I was young, I was always on a mission to find myself as a person. My inspiration for production started back in 2014 when the late artist Speaker Knockerz passed away”, states Eben Elite

In addition, Eben goes into a deep analysis as to how his brand represents him as a beatmaker and much more in regard to ethical and musical composition.

“I would describe my brand as something that is unique and innovative. A lot of producers try to post beats on YouTube, which has become a quite over-saturated market over the years”, proclaims Eben Elite.

However, here’s a fun fact; many producers tend to have “a graveyard of unfinished projects”.

“My biggest challenge is breaking into the mainstream side of the music industry. I’m successfully getting a stronghold within the underground music scene…but I’ve found it hard to get my first placement with a major artist” states Eben Elite.

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