The Making of MoneyVille with King Dot

King Dot discusses the inspiration behind MoneyVille, which is an independent label that he created with his peers.

August 10, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @mrkingdot

“The vision behind MoneyVille was to create a healthy space for creatives to focus on their craft while being surrounded by individuals that are ambition-driven and have content to offer”, explains King Dot.

The Lynwood, CA artist also goes into detail as to how being incarcerated affected his relationship with loved ones.

“Being away from my friends and family was extremely mentally exhausted. I couldn’t help my kin financially or even create music. However, it taught me many lessons that I will never cease to forget”, states King Dot.

As of now Dot is pursuing his passion for clothing with his brand called Drip ‘By Time Is Money’.

Dot describes that Lil Wayne is one of many influences that contributed to his affliction for the music industry.

“Ty Dolla Sign, Sada Baby, Hitmaka, and Lil Wayne are some of the few musicians that I have a desire to collaborate with. In the next five years, I see myself chilling on a beach celebrating because another one of my artists’ is on the charts… that’s the plans”, says King Dot.

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