The Meaning Behind Milktastic’s Stage Name

Rising Florida artist Milkman describes the significance behind his alias in this latest interview.

October 17, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @1milktastic

“I achieved my nickname due to me being a delivery driver for a milk company to 7- Eleven while doing overnight deliveries”, states Milktastic..

Furthermore, the rapper explains how originally he went by Milkman and changed his pseudonym due to the popularity of the name via Spotify.

“Originally I went by Milkman. However… I changed my moniker once I went on Spotify and realized that there were several other musicians with the tag. Soon after, I changed it to Milktastic”, states the artist.

Jokely, Milktastic admits that some of his O.G. fans still call him by his old stage name due to familiarity.

“It became somewhat of a shock to me when I realized how drawn my fanbase was to my previous pseudonym. Now, it’s somewhat of an inside joke between my peers about the recent moniker”, admits Milkman.

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