The Ripple Effect Showcase

“The Ripple Effect is not just a showcase but also a movement! We are cultured kids creating a culture! For the artists by the artists.”

May 6, 2019 by Vuulm

The Ripple Effect is an artist showcase that brings light to the local artist in it’s set city. This showcase was created by music artist Wednesday when he realized that there weren’t any platforms for rising talent like him to perform. Wednesday quickly gathered a team of like-minded individuals to execute this dream. This artist showcase series started in December 2018 in Miami Florida with the first official showcase of its series, The Wave to Ripple Effect.

The Wave to Ripple Effect is the preliminary invitation for performers to get a shot at performing at our big showcase The Ripple Effect. Here performers will get to showcase their talent to a more intimate crowd. We aim to provide a community where aspiring artist can feel safe to share their talents with the world.

"This is one of the best platforms where not only artists can get their buzz going, but local vendors as well."

We offer a supportive environment for you to push your brand and receive some attention as well. Our goal with our vendors is to simply keep creative individuals pushing forward.

This is not only the beginning of something great but also the ending of the struggling artist. We’ve got your back! The Ripple Effect is here to be your home and the start of your amazing journey to the top.

Artists and brands can submit to See you there!

Vuulm is a proud sponsor for The Ripple Effect Showcase.

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