The Significance Behind Jakkah’s Record Label XXIV

For many artists, it’s considered an achievable feat to have your own record label. As for upcoming artist Jakkah, XXIV Records means everything to him.

October 28, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @jakkaah

When asked what inspired him to create such an entrepreneurial asset, Jakkah stated the following…

“My brother Jookz pushd me to be a better version of myself which led to the creation of XXIV Records”, states the musician.

Although the label was founded in 2019, Jakkah’s musical career is just getting started.

“My drill album was inspired by Pop Smoke. I started making it before his passing and released the album a year after his death. His music sounded so different from what was in the mainstream at the time and that drew me in. Being from Brooklyn, it also felt right”, states Jakkah.

In addition, as a full-time college student, he jokes about balancing his secret lifestyle.

“College is challenging at times but I know that the harder I continue to push myself, my future will even look more promising than before”, proclaims Jakkah.

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