The State of Hip-Hop and Rich Verbz

As of late, political correctness is a necessity when it comes to maintaining legit relevancy within the Hip-Hop community.

September 3, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @verbalz

Furthermore, Brooklyn rap artist Rich Verbz states the following in regards to cancel culture…

“Cancel culture is detrimental and it eliminates the process of correction. It makes people fearful to speak their truth and how they feel. I know it’s counterproductive to lift the voice of oppressed people by oppressing people. That remedy is useless”, explains Rich Verbz

“It also blurs the lines because society pushes to cancel someone due to a proven/unproven accusation and since people don’t know how to separate a person’s personal actions from their contribution to society”, states Rich Verbz.

Recently, DaBaby has lost many sponsorships and opportunities to perform as a result of his inappropriate comments about the LGBTQIA community.

Many are in a frenzy determining if his (DaBaby) actions determine the scrutiny that will be held to any musician as of now.

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