The Uprising of Turhan Slayton

Upcoming actor Turhan Slayton is on a trail blaze to success! In 2020, he made his debut and appeared in over 24 productions. Some of these major features are from the likes of Netflix, Nokia, and VH1.

February 4, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade

Although acting can take a toll at times, Slayton is very passionate about awareness towards social injustices. “We currently live in a society where the subject of racism is still prevalent, and microaggressions are sky-rocketing”, says Slayton.

“Racial, gender, and sexual orientation microaggressions are active manifestations and/or a reflection of our worldviews of inclusion/exclusion, superiority/inferiority, normality/abnormality, and desirability/undesirability. Microaggressions reflect the active manifestation of oppressive worldviews that create, foster, and enforce marginalization”, says Psychology Today.

Furthermore, as individuals it is our due diligence to emphasize our moral compass in regards to social issues. “Part of the reason as to why I became an actor was to show my peers that minority representation matters… 80% of life is considered showing up”, says Slayton.

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