Tmrw isn’t Promised

Upcoming artist ItsDaJc celebrates his latest release, Tmrw isn’t Promised.

August 13, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @itsdajc

“My biggest inspiration is myself…as cocky as that sounds, I have not been able to locate anyone that has the desire and hunger for ambition as much as I do”, explains ItsDaJc.

As of now, ItsDaJc currently has over twenty songs out that are available everywhere.


“Something that the youth should definitely know is to always stay true to yourself and maintain your true intentions'”, declares ItsDaJc.

Lastly, he stresses the importance of never forgetting where you come from.

“Sometimes we need reminders of how our past is the product of your future. Only you can control the outcome”, states ItsDaJc.

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